Forbes says NFT sales volume increased 4 times from 2019

NFT market is booming up !

Forbes announced that the trade volume of the non fungible token(NFT) market surpassed $250 million, a four times increase from 2019. Also they said the nascent industry’s market capitalization reached $338 million, referring to a report by

In the report, BNP Paribas CEO, John Egan says that BNP Paribas tries to understand how the virtual economy grows up and NFT is a major area of digital assets, furthermore, how digital asset such as NFT can be used as collateral for a loan and how can the digital assets be insured. It seems he already tries to seek a further landscape of digital assets and NFT worlds.

Of course, there were some negative perspectives about NFT. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin tweeted that NFT will crash in the end because it doesn’t have rarity. We understand how he thinks about NFT and as he mentioned, reproducibility means low level of rarity. However we have to see the potential of digital assets and the transition of people’s awareness.

If the greatest artists start to make their artwork on NFT, people will think NFT can be valuable. We believe that it’s a matter of belief. When you think about the process of how Bitcoin has grown up in the last ten years, you will understand what it means. It’s a matter of people’s belief and trust about digital assets.

NFTbase believes that people are getting more and more interested in this area and NFT can be one of the most interesting ways to own valuable digital assets and this is why now we see 4 times growth of NFT trade volume since last year.

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