GITCOIN Grant Open!

3 min readMar 30, 2021


We’re glad to announce that the grant for NFTBase is approved by GITCOIN. You can check the grant program here.

GITCOIN is one of the greatest project to help good blockchain proejcts. Their mission is “Enable anyone work on the open interent”.

As you’ve noticed, they address the words — Openess. GITCOIN believes that the ultimate goal of money is to be used for those who can spend the money to make a better world. That’s what NFTBase agrees with the idea, so we applied to GITCOIN and finally our grant program was opened !

As a DAO based NFT marketplace where artists can be fully respected, we believe that NFT can be a good way to fund real artists. By receiving valuable funding, artists can concentrate on working to realize their own art world. It’s amazingly valuable process.

A few days ago, Vitalik Buterin said something similar.

Some institution (or even DAO) could “bless” NFTs in exchange for a guarantee that some portion of the revenues goes toward a charitable cause, ensuring that multiple groups benefit at the same time. This blessing could even come with an official categorization: is the NFT dedicated to global poverty relief, scientific research, creative arts, local journalism, open source software development, empowering marginalized communities, or something else?

We can work with social media platforms to make NFTs more visible on people’s profiles, giving buyers a way to show the values that they committed not just their words but their hard-earned money to. This could be combined with (1) to nudge users toward NFTs that contribute to valuable social causes.

What he said was what we think important and that’s the reason why we decided to donate 1% of revenue for charity in 1th March 2021.


  • NFT market has an asymmetry in demand and supply (Supply of NFT is too bigger than demand in the end, Chalie lee said)
  • NFT market should be revised to be a sustainable market (Vitalik Buterin said)
  • 1) NFT can be a social good and great way to fund artists
  • 2) With high level of social coordination, NFT can be used for public good by donating some part of the value to charity for orphans, animal protection, artists etc,.
  • 3) Social media can help the process for the social coordination — making people believe NFT is worthy and good, because NFT is good.
  • There are too many NFT, so it’s not easy to curate great artists, and they are having problems to display their valuable NFT


  • We need to make a community of artists and collectors, not just a marketplace to sell NFTs
  • In the community, users will be able to interact to discuss and curate what is good artwork.
  • We will give more chances to artists by providing 3D art gallery.

If you agree with our idea and if you want to help us to make a better NFT market, please join us. You can grant us and it will be extremely helpful for us to accelerate the NFTBase project.

You can check our grant program here.




NFTbase is the DAO based marketplace and community where you can buy, sell and create valuable digital asset. We will make a better world for artists.