Let’s NFTbase!

2 min readJan 19, 2021

What is NFTbase ?

Since the internet has changed the world and lives of people all around the world, we noticed that everything has been changed to digital. Diverse businesses became digital. Moreover the way people think became familiar to digital as well.

Being digital is an awesome experience because it makes people more easy and comfortable, but it is not always good. We have experienced that the more we rely on specific IT services that we love, the more we lose ourselves. It simply means that we need to rely on service providers such as big tech companies.

In this perspective, the Ethereum blockchain is an incredible human invention. It’s a decentralized network so that we don’t have to rely on specific players to use the network. Moreover, what is the most amazing part is that the Ethereum network can be a world computer that you can use whenever you want to use it. This is possible because the smart contract operates as people agreed and it’s reliable because everyone can inspect whether it’s good to use or not. All choices depend on you.

Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, eventually we faced the greatest era when we can own something literally 100%. You can have a pure control on your digital asset which is registered on the Ethereum blockchain. You do not have to rely on someone else such as IT service providers. If you own a piece of digital art, you can manage it without using other services. The Ethereum wallet would be enough.

NFTbase believes that the rise of the blockchain era will change the way people think and own assets. As people understand what having a real control on assets means, NFT will be an attractive market for everyone. Because NFT is the easiest way to own your digital assets.

You can find us here :)

Official Website: https://nftbase.ai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaseNFT

Official Telegram group: https://t.me/nftbase

Discord: https://discord.gg/DujYFjJXXP

Medium: https://nftbase.medium.com/

Github : https://github.com/nftbase




NFTbase is the DAO based marketplace and community where you can buy, sell and create valuable digital asset. We will make a better world for artists.