Mission and Vision of NFTbase

Mission of NFTbase

What does NFTbase believe ?

We hope that people sympathize with our mission and its value that we believe it’s beneficial for the world and people.

  • As a marketplace where people can sell their creative digital items, NFTbase will be a good way for artists, painters, writers, photographers, musicians to be paid for their valuable works.
  • Moreover, the assets live forever except for blackswan cases such as the end of mankind, international wars etc,. Except for the radical cases when we lose access to the internet eternally, we can enjoy the value of digitized assets more than ever.
  • We believe as time goes by, our digital independence and privacy will be more imperative. Blockchain technology can give us digital independence.
  • We believe at some point, NFTbase should be DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which gives power to people to make decisions, not monopolize the power and benefit of the NFTbase platform by ourselves.


  • We will be a platform which helps our contributors — painters, designers, creators, artists, photographers, investors — by giving them economic options and promoting their creative activities and free investment.
  • We will be an attractive brand where artists can visit without hesitation and enjoy their creative activities including selling digital items and interacting with people all around the world.
  • We will be a considerate platform where creators can be respected for their expressions and individual artistic characteristics.
  • We will be a broad marketplace where people can buy and sell or even create not only artworks but also music, photographs, game items, blockchain domains etc,.

Core value

You can find us here :)

Official Website: https://nftbase.ai



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NFTbase is the DAO based marketplace and community where you can buy, sell and create valuable digital asset. We will make a better world for artists.