Preview of NFTbase — Now we’re almost ready to launch

Be ready, guys!

We are happy to announce that we’re almost ready to launch our first beta product. Even though it is the first version and there are many things that we have to do to make a better version, now we can say that with the first version of NFTbase, it’s enough to do what you want to do in NFTbase — Buying, Selling, Creating NFT items.

NFTbase preview

With the first version of NFTbase, you need to connect to the metamask wallet of your browser. Then you will be able to participate in any activities that you want to do.

You can browse NFT items by the name of NFT, Ethereum address of NFT creator or Ethereum wallet address of NFT item holder as well.

Create your own NFT on NFTbase !

What is more interesting is that you can create NFT items without coding. We believe that artists should be able to make NFT items without any hardship. NFTbase will make it easy for artists to create NFT items.

For weeks or months to come, we have tons of updates. Please stay tuned :)

You can find us here :)

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NFTbase is the DAO based marketplace and community where you can buy, sell and create valuable digital asset. We will make a better world for artists.